Saturday, 6 September 2014

Capturing Summer

Summer - Captured - NorthernShy 2014

Summer is over again; and again, much too fast. Can’t beat the cool, crisp air, crunch & colour & coziness to come.  But there is something about summer and the whole feel of it.  Younger, somehow, and more carefree is summer. Shooting out the doors of school into the long, warm days ahead full of promise & adventure & beaches & sand & seashells and not a care.  Oh to capture summer in a jar, to take it out during the long winter nights, breathe it in, and remember.  Remember youth and remember freedom.  Take your jar and smile & remember summer and then cap the jar & put it back on the shelf.  Because fall & winter are always behind summer and we can’t stop them.  But we can smile & we can remember.  And it will warm our old bones again.

1 comment:

  1. oh to capture summer in a jar! love that notion!

    - Kif