Friday, 15 August 2014

In the Blue Blush of Night

In the Blue Blush of Night - NorthernShy Digital Art 2014 - 4 of my own photos layered

Summer time.  Children’s voices can be heard outside, laughing and shouting in the distance.   Back when we were children of summer, that packed gravel road and the Mulberry Bush across the road was our playground.  There were paths in that bush that only we were privy too.  Every inch explored and discovered and re-discovered the next day.  I remember the excitement of being allowed to stay up late to play in the twilight blue of night, that first blush of the real night to come.  I remember one particular evening, playing ‘kick the can’ with all the kids on the street, when even the older children joined in, making it ever so special for the younger children.  While our parents visited in doorways under the soft glows of porch lights, we hid alone in the not so dark.  This was it.  This was what it was all about.  Playing with the older kids during the blue blush of night.  It doesn’t get any better than this.


  1. some gorgeous memories and words. (and image - oh my!) i remember these nights - watching the darkness move in, always too soon, watching the bats come out, trying to stretch each moment as far as possible. it just didn't (and still doesn't, even though i am all grown up now) get any better.

    thank you for leading me here.

  2. wow - gorgeous art - incredible "mucking-about"! : )

    "the first blush of the real night to come" such a truth here, such lovely writing.

    Kif (