Saturday, 13 June 2015

The Magic Box

The Magic Box - May 2015 - NorthernShy

The magic box revealed itself to me when it was ready. I'd been out walking in a town that was not my own, when I grabbed a shot of the streetscape on my iPhone. Didn't even notice the name over the little store on the edge of the frame. Later, playing around with some photo editing apps, I liked the colours and the way everything in the image was blurred, and I put my work away, thinking I was done with it. But I didn't post the image, perhaps aware on some level that something was missing. Now I'm browsing my photos, when suddenly, the words I hadn't even noticed are all I can see on the original. They are practically glowing.  Here we are; there is magic right here; this is why you grabbed that shot, even if you were not really "seeing" it until now. It was a reminder to me to always look for the magic, even if it isn't obvious that there is magic around. Because it is always there somewhere, just waiting for you to notice it, clear away the blur, and give it the prominence it deserves.