Sunday, 15 March 2015

One Last Petal

Petalicious - March 2015 - NorthernShy

The tulips that I picked up the other day are showing their age; I’m down to one last petal. Puttering with my camera and these faded flowers got my mind wandering about the birthday I had this week.  It was on the very day that a new Physiotherapist was surprised to hear my age. I’ve heard that before, and my initial reaction was: ‘Hurray, I’ve still got it”.  But – got what?  A 30-something aura?  A 40-something sheen? It’s almost too much pressure; how do I keep it up when I don’t know what it is? When will it all come crashing down?  More importantly, why does it matter? I’ve still been able to make some photo magic with what is left of those pretty tulips.  When I’m down to one last petal, and everyone can see it, won’t there still be some use for me too?

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Tulip Tiara

Tulip Tiara - March 2015 - NorthernShy

Went to the Saturday Market yesterday & pick up a little bouquet of tulips. I’ve had a great day, photographing them from every angle - and the sun is out and the time has changed and the birds are singing – and I’m ready to throw this tulip tiara on my head and dance down the street throwing the winter cobwebs into the wind.  But it is only 1 degree.  And if I have to do my dance in snow boots instead of bare feet … well, it just wouldn’t be the same would it?  But it’s coming.  Soon spring will be everywhere and not just in my step.  Yay tulips.