Sunday, 8 March 2015

Tulip Tiara

Tulip Tiara - March 2015 - NorthernShy

Went to the Saturday Market yesterday & pick up a little bouquet of tulips. I’ve had a great day, photographing them from every angle - and the sun is out and the time has changed and the birds are singing – and I’m ready to throw this tulip tiara on my head and dance down the street throwing the winter cobwebs into the wind.  But it is only 1 degree.  And if I have to do my dance in snow boots instead of bare feet … well, it just wouldn’t be the same would it?  But it’s coming.  Soon spring will be everywhere and not just in my step.  Yay tulips. 

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  1. Oh Lynn, it sounds like you had a lovely day! Flowers, sunshine, birds singing...and that change of the clocks sure helps, doesn't it?! Hopefully it is warmer than 1 degree there now. I love your positive attitude. Dance in those snow boots!