Sunday, 19 November 2017

Time is Lost

After the Rain - November 2017 - NorthernShy

rained last night
cold autumn chill
not much light
but sudden thrill
rain drops shine
sparkle like glass
nothing so fine
moment can't pass.

Time is Lost.

But Muse is Found.

Sunday, 23 April 2017


Unfurling - April 2017 - NorthernShy

New tulips, new petals, new beginnings.  I was not planning on taking more tulip photos today, but I saw that new leaf, that delicate little twirl, and I couldn't resist. But then I started to feel a little sad. That lovely little leaf has yet to unfurl, and the flower will not last much longer. Not much longer at all. But I tucked that thought away, and I focused on the little leaf. Because it is beautiful now. Because unfurl it will, and it will bloom and it will be beautiful and it will stretch towards the sunlight in the window like everything is just beginning. Time is slipping away. But I'm going to ignore that. Ignore time. Focus on beginnings. And keep unfurling.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Likes or No Likes - I Like

Art Journal Page - January 2017 - NorthernShy

This is a page in the first art journal I'm going to finish completely and I’m happy about it; I have more empty "art journals" than full ones because I find it hard to get started in one. It is difficult to make that first mark in a book, rather than on a page that can be easily discarded. Going by all the videos out there on how to get started in an art journal, I know that I’m not alone in this – but knowing that doesn’t seem to make it easier – maybe just less lonely. I also posted the picture of the journal page on Facebook, which should not seem like a hurdle, but it is. Facebook is all your “friends”, right?  What should be difficult about sharing something with your friends, something you’ve created?  For some reason though, it is difficult. It isn’t easy to share something.  A small thing like a ‘like’, never mind a positive comment, makes us relax a bit. Validated. I’d sworn that I wasn’t going to share photos or art on Facebook anymore but, today, I was just so darn happy with my journal page. So I decided to share it anyway, simply because it does make me happy.  Likes or no likes, I like – and I like that.