Sunday, 22 February 2015

Cabin Fever

Cabin Fever - February 2015 - NorthernShy

Winter. On your bike. Shove off. We’ve had enough of you. Went for a walk the other day and got some shots but everything is still white grey white grey white grey. Everything is jackets & mitts & stumbling over ice & snow. No signs of spring yet with -25 in the forecast & more snow on the way. Staying cozy by the fireplace is not as romantic now as it is in December. Now we have cabin fever. Now we see things in the flames if we stare too long. There's been too much crunching in on ourselves against the cold. Too much bundling up.  With February at the door and March coming up the walkway, we want to shed our layers and stand tall again – breathing deep. We need sunshine & we need colour; kindling for the fire in our souls that has kept us warm these long months but now only smoulders, threatening to burn out. We need that spark to ignite.  We need our white to be white hot. Come on Winter. On your bike.