Monday, 27 April 2015

A Shed in the Woods

Morning Sun - April 2015 - NorthernShy

a shed in the woods
a place by the tree
a place to be mine
a place to be me

there'd be lots of red
and orange and rust
in my cozy retreat
a fire is a must

there'd have to be sun
in the window for sure
the warmth on my face
surely always a cure

there'd be paints
and big brushes
inks. pastels. it all gushes
not a mess being made
not a mess.
it's just luscious

there'd be kittens. a cat
little paws in the paint
a companion in art
a critic he ain't

there'd be photos and cameras
lots of books
and some tea
all these things that are needed
all these things
that are me