Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Everything New is Old Again

Sifton Bog - London, Ontario - NorthernShy 2014

Drove over to the Sifton Bog for a wee hike on the weekend since it was such a beautiful day.  Strikes me that I must drive, but thankful that there is a place, right in the city actually, where you can feel like you are away from the city.  Such a contrast to back home, where you could walk out the door and be steps from the wilderness. Remembering now, my Mom walking to work and coming face-to-face with a black bear that rose up on hind legs, perhaps just as startled as the woman in front of him, frozen in her tracks. I’ve edited my photos of that day in the Sifton Bog, making the bright, colourfull fall photos look aged, and that pleases me somehow.  A nod, perhaps, to those days gone by of wilderness & bears & memories & home.

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  1. sweet - the effect you've given this photo. where i work they've put a frame on a bulletin board and you are supposed to look through the cut out frame and see what the land looked like a hundred years ago because what is captured in that viewshed hasn't changed. your image and caption makes me think of this - how do you date a landscape when it can grow back to be what it was...

    a commute with bears - wow. I too feel blessed to have such access to nature so close to home!